'Avengers 2' trailer breaks engagement record on Youtube

Marvel's 'Avengers 2' trailer has broken new ground with direct audience engagement on Youtube up 300%.

Last week 'the first trailer for 'Avengers : Age of Ultron' was leaked on the web containing the incorrect release date, and different edits. Marvel hastily brought out the official tailer hours later, and over the weekend, audience engagement spiked 300% above the original trailer release for the first movie.

In fact, the impact of the trailer didn't just outpace the original hype for the first movie, it demolished it, along with some of the most discussed movies online in recent years, which are also ranked highly in Youtube's most viewed trailers of all time.

Audience engagement per trailer

  • 1. Avengers : Age of Ultron : 0.9%
  • 2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon : 0.57%
  • 3. Fifty Shades of Grey : 0.4%
  • 4. Lucy : 0.37%
  • 5. Iron Man 3 : 0.32%
  • 6. Avengers : 0.3%
  • 7. The Dark Knight Rises : 0.25%
  • 8. Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon : 0.2%

(Statistics reflect engaged Youtube user accounts only, not comments)

While the percentages may seem low, audiences rarely engage directly with content through comments or likes. The same goes for news publishers where averages of 0.5% to 1% are normal for articles when calculating the number of likes or comments in relation to the overall traffic of a story.

Top 5 most viewed trailers on Youtube

  • 1. Iron Man 3
  • 2. Transformers 3
  • 3. Avengers : Age of Ultron' - New entry
  • 4. The Twilight Saga : New Moon
  • 5. Man of Steel

It is too early to tell whether Marvel's sequel will formidably outpace the original release at the box office, but early indications from these numbers would suggest that the fan-base for the sequel is highly enthusiastic.

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