Avengers 2 announced by Disney chief Bob Iger

As the Avengers breaks box office records, and sales past the domestic figure of $200 million, Disney’s Bob Iger has just announced a sequel.

Avengers 2 has been given the green light after just two weeks of a global box office run that has seen the Avengers accumulate $700 million worldwide. Its success has beaten all expectations and continues to defy critics and enlighten fans.

In addition to Avengers 2, Bob Iger also announced a string of blockbuster sequels including Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 and Thor 2. The superhero overload has finally become a reality, and Marvel will be at the centre of the industry’s innovation for these upcoming films.

In an online report, it was revealed that the product placement within the first Avengers boosted revenue for the studio as top brands were featured in the story. Product placement is not a new incentive, however, for a big blockbuster movie, product placement is a way to boost revenue, even for multiple sequels.

Could we see product placement featuring more prominently in shorter films with big audiences like in music videos?

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