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Australian dramedy feature film “Marital Problems” gets United States release date


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Australian Dramedy Feature film "Marital Problems" will be released in the US through LA Based Distributor Leomark Studios on DVD and video on demand platforms from February 2nd.

Reel Merit Films’ producers Matthew Goldsworthy and Julian Barbor secured the deal with Leomark in 2020 and prior to its release came a string of positive reviews praising its cast and screenplay, also written by Barbor and directed by Dia Taylor.

The film, which stars Nick Capper and Callum Gault, tells the story of Ian who is facing eviction and when his home is invaded by Clarke, a troublesome gardener, he is forced to tell his story of heartbreak which in turn leads to Clarke retelling his own story of woe.

The film explores themes of sorrow, forgiveness and letting go of the past. With a supporting cast including actors Neil Goldsmith, Aleis Duffy and Jonathan Hearns.

Trailer: Marital Problems

The Film will hit DVD shelves in speciality stores such as Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. The film will also be made available on VOD through Amazon, Fandango Now and INdemand.

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