Arnold Schwarzenegger Trilogy animation is a masterpiece

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to his twitter this evening to highlight a recently uploaded animation, completely hand drawn in neon style.

The 3-minute short film shows several of Arnold’s characters and juxtaposes them together with a catchy theme tune. It opens with an over the top explosion montage, because let’s face it, in every Schwarzenegger movie, something blows up. Towards the end of the film, an Arnie rap song plays with some Dr Dre style rhythm and classic movie one-liners.

What is innovative about this particular animation is the colourful remixing of some classic Schwarzenegger movies including Terminator 2, Last Action Hero and Kindergarten Cop. The filmmakers did a painstainkly brilliant workflow of more than 1600 frames making this highly original and thrilling to watch.

Just for the record, there is nothing cooler for an Arnie fan like me to see an original remix of these movies presented so differently than just a typical re-edit on youtube.

The team behind the animation recently showed it at the Cine-Shorts showcase in Los Angeles. To find out more about the artists log on to

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