Armed police surround Miley Cyrus's Home in 'swatting' incident

Miley Cyrus home surrounded

Miley Cyrus' home was the centre of a massive police operation on Wednesday evening as the LAPD responded to an emergency call.

Police officers set up a barricade around her house after receiving a 911 call that claimed shots had been fired and a possible kidnapping was in progress.

The LAPD along with fire and rescue squads responded with high urgency deploying a large contingent of officers who slowly encircled the house before discovering that it was empty.

Police determined that the 911 call had been a hoax and is the latest 'swatting' incident to be reported. 'Swatting' is a term used to describe false emergency calls that send SWAT teams to homes.

A criminal investigation is underway and it is likely that the hoaxer will face a tough sentence. The prank 911 call diverted huge resources that could have otherwise been used in a real emergency situation.

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