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Are short films the new blockbusters we've been waiting for?


Short films have massive audiences

This week it was announced that the monthly audience on Youtube was 1 billion + people. As you and I know, the majority of videos on the platform are short, often silly, cat videos, people blogs, music videos and make up tutorials, and less than 5 minutes long a piece. 

None of this content is feature length. It is highly unlikely that you have watched one full length movie on Youtube this month, let alone this year. But the format of feature length movies has been around for over 100 years. Short films on the other hand, have never really had commercial viability, until now.

With ad spend increasing online, and advertisers heading towards video pre roll ads it's only a matter of time before short films will be worth their weight in gold. While short films are not fully immersive stories that take 2 hours to watch; they provide entertainment in all shapes and forms for people in all walks of life. Music videos are featuring a lot of product placements, and even advertisers are making creative videos to animate and build stories around their products : Check out Cartier's epic blockbuster video below.

Cartier ad

Hollywood money may not be available to every creator, but the audience is definitely there to watch your content regardless of the budget you have. So when will short films start earning real big dollars for people? Pretty damn soon if you ask me. Have you had a recent success online with your short? Are you making it work for your business?

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