Apple, movie 'The Fighter' win product placement Award

What do Iron Man 2, Wall Street 2, Tron Legacy, Toyota and Budweiser have in common? Product Placement.

Brandchannel, the webby-award winning website from Interbrand the leading global brand consultancy, today published it s annual Brandcameo Product Placement Awards

Since 2001, Brandchannel has tracked brands appearing in top movies, as well as those in numerous other independent, mainstream, and foreign language films. Its cross-referenced database contains thousands of product placements in over 330 films.

Highlights of the 2010 Brandcamero Product Placement Awards include:
Apple wins the 2010 Award for Overall Product Placement for a second consecutive year by appearing in 30% of all top box office films in 2010. This caps off a decade during which Apple products appeared in a full third of 334 films that reached number one status at the U.S box office. With roles in film from Kick Ass to The Other Guys to Toy Story 3, Apple product placements bested those of runner ups Chevrolet, Ford and Nike.

Oscar nominee The Fighter wins the Award for Product Placement Achievement by an Oscar Nominated Film for its heavy, and character-building use of Budweiser. Adam and Cat Stone, credited product placement coordinators on the film, said the Budweiser placements were a matter of historical accuracy and really the only choice that made sense in the film.

After 22 years of invaluable free advertising from Hollywood, handgun maker Glock is recognized with the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award for Product Placement. Proving itself an onscreen necessity for action films, Glock has grown from the mysterious foreign firearm (1989's Johnny Handsome) to a common onscreen costar (2010's Salt, The Other Guys, The Town).

Iron Man 2 wins in two categories, receiving the 2010 awards for Achievement in Product Placement in a Single Film and for Achievement in Press Coverage. Featuring 64 identifiable products, Iron Man 2 both contained the most product placement of any top film in 2010 and was the most mentioned by the press for overboard product placement.

Complete results, including more data, are available online

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