Anti SOPA movement strengthens entertainment industry

There has been much talk of websites shutting down in response to the SOPA Bill (anti-piracy legislation), but amidst the outcry, the entertainment industry will become a much stronger union thanks to this opposition.

It is to go without saying that the SOPA bill and the protect IP act (PIPA) have fundamental issues that go against the principles of freedom, and it is unfortunate that their elements cannot be refined to address these important issues that are the founding blocks of the web. How we surf and our freedom to navigate is at the heart of this anti-SOPA movement, but we must not forget the real issue is that of digital piracy, and the theft of people’s work. There are over 2 million employees in the American entertainment industry. Each person has a vested interest in knowing that protections exist in the 21st century to prevent piracy, which affects jobs, and takes away revenues from hard working people. They deserve that respect, and I would expect these safeguards in any other industry. Having that protection is after all one of the main values of society we live in, and should be respected by all parties.

The SOPA Bill doesn’t just affect Americans as it has repercussions abroad, and also within the wider entertainment industry. It’s a message that the web has become so interconnected, that all industries are somewhat affected by legislative decisions, and therefore it is far reaching across the entire web, as we have seen these past few days. There is a growing trend that people are far more united because of the web, so the voices we hear today that go against the SOPA legislation Bill are just, and should be heard. However those for it should not be forgotten, because their arguments are just as valid, as the Bill’s intentions are not to punish ordinary web users, but to protect and remove offenders exploiting the work of others.

I do feel that this movement is a wake up call to the entertainment industry, from Hollywood studios to the MPAA that the issue of anti-piracy goes far beyond our industry. Whilst many if not everyone in the business will be for an anti-piracy legislation, this process is far from over. The SOPA Bill is just the beginning of awareness, and thanks to this movement against it, more people than ever before will learn to understand its implications. This in turn will make it so much more important and valued, so that the day an anti-piracy law is passed, it will fundamentally re-create the rules of the web, in the interest of all.

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