Anne Hathaway needs Ricky Gervais wit for Oscars

Anne Hathaway will need some serious Ricky Gervais controversy to make the show beat last year s Oscar ratings. Ricky Gervais may have faced a backlash from some at the Golden Globes, but drawing in 17 million viewers is not an easy task.

The controversy pre and post Golden Globes proved a big boost for the show, so how will the Oscars live up to the hype with The Social Network, Black Swan, The King s Speech and more in the running for awards.

Whether this year s Oscars proves to be a night of laughter, or insults is another thing, as the Award ceremony does not have the same popcorn edge as the Golden Globes.

Ricky Gervais is known to be a funnyman for all the wrong reasons, but Hathaway doesn t have the epic following Gervais does for comedy. Whatever the decision is for having her present this year s Oscars is, there will no doubt be some great surprises.

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