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Angelina Jolie sex tape : Are you guys serious?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tied to sex tape

Who doesn't have a sex tape these days? Kim Kardashian made her career out of one, but now apparently Angelina Jolie has a video that could be so damaging Brad Pitt is willing to pay "$10 million" to get his hands on it.

Even if she did have one, it's hard to see why Brad Pitt would pay a $10 million bribe when unauthorized leaked images from a phone could land someone with a 10-year prison sentence. This is exactly what happened when Scarlett Johansson was humiliated after her phone got hacked and her naked pics were leaked.

Fast-forward a minute and think about this. If an individual had alleged footage of Angelina having sex, and someone was threatening to expose a tape against her will, there would be an FBI investigation, lawsuits, you name it. Brad Pitt would launch World War XXX (forget the Z, although do check out the movie).

Thankfully this story was quickly dismissed by the guru news investigation team over at Gossipcop : but the question remains : Why make up something so bad? Are people really that fooled these days by such silly news, and does this mean that a select few can continue to exploit readers with fake news? I also think that if someone is making money out of 'defaming people', they should expect trouble ahead. People are waking up, and they know. It'll come back to you folks.

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