Angelina Jolie Project account suspended


Angelina comments about PR stunt fake?

Recent comments made by Angelina Jolie regarding Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's "PR Stunt" may be a joke in itself.

It was earlier reported this week that Angelina Jolie had tweeted via her official 'Jolie Project' Twitter page suggesting the couple's love affair was a PR stunt in order to help promote the 'Twilight' movies. Other tweets from the account said:

"90% of the stories about celebrities are either made up by some magazine, or are a pr stunt ... You play along when younger but end up realizing it's a bad idea. Studios gain, but you don't."

What surprises me is that she would mention these two stars at all, publicly, and via Twitter in such a tone. It's not really her style. I haven't seen this kind of 'celebrity' bashing from Jolie, and how would this help her in any way?

The Jolie Project account was given an official blue tick by Twitter and gathered more than 160,000 followers until it was suspended. Was this a fake account and are people able to intimidate celebrities and get the all important blue tick via Twitter?

Angelina Jolie Project Twitter

Media outlets currently running the story include the Huffington Post and Examiner. Myspace have just deleted their report.

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