Angelina Jolie heading for indie cinema

Angelina Jolie is turning heads with her decision to get represented by IFA, an indie talent agency.

Angelia Jolie in 'Salt'

Having shot her directorial feature based on a Bosnian love tale earlier this year, the Hollywood star has made significant strides into the indie film circuit. ‘Land Of Blood And Honey’ will also be released by FilmDistrict in the native language of Bosnia in the US. As an actress, Jolie has been in many blockbusters, most recently ‘Kung fu Panda 3’ and ‘Salt’, but maybe it’s time for her to make a change.

The switch is notable because Jolie, one of Hollywood’s top earners and major international figures, appears to be frustrated with the lack of diversity in roles being offered to her. Is this a sign of an industry wide crisis that is forcing good stories out of circulation? Can we really be heading toward a situation where top actors will ‘defect’ to indie agencies or independent agents to get major roles elsewhere?

Jolie has reportedly signed with Ilene Feldman according to the NYPost, who represents Ryan Gosling.

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