Angelina Jolie hits new low after train-wreck week

It's been a pretty terrible week for Angelina Jolie after she was dealt a double career blow, and now she's had to release a public video statement to her fans.

First of all, a highly inappropriate email exchange between producer Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal disowned Jolie to the point where she was considered a "minimally talented spoiled brat." Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal apologized for the private conversation, but that didn't warm things up with her and Jolie.

The two were pictured together following the email leak with Angelina Jolie looking visibly cold, and statuesque. The subtext : She was very upset, and felt possibly betrayed.

Then, to make matters worse, Jolie had to cancel her appearance at the premiere of 'Unbroken' because she has developed chickenpox. The actress had to make a public video message which was promoted by Universal to apologize to fans about missing the film's big day. The painful admission comes after the actress spent 2 years solid on the project and was looking forward to being there to celebrate the film's release.

Angelina Jolie issues public statement

Whether she can forgive Sony's Amy Pascal, and Scott Rudin is another question, but after the international attention the emails received, and the blow with her film, the actress can only be bitterly disappointed.

On a more positive note check out the trailer for 'Unbroken' below which chronicles the life of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini, who was captured by Japanese forces during WW2.

Actors had to go thru a gruelling process during the audition phase to be considered for the film which has received good reviews. Let's hope things pick up for her before Christmas.

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