Angelina Jolie drugs den video is pure exploitation

Girl, Interrupted 1999 © Columbia Pictures
An old video of Angelina Jolie filmed in the 90s by her 'former dealer' has surfaced for the first time showing just how low entertainment journalism can go to exploit, twist and sensationalize someone's troubled past.

The actress is visibly thin, erratic and frantic as she talks on the phone after allegedly taking a delivery of drugs at her New York apartment. The 16-minute video was filmed by Franklin Meyer, who supplied her with 'special deliveries' and noted how she had needle marks on her arms.

Jolie has admitted in several interviews that during that period she had gone through a difficult time. However, the release of this video today has been widely condemned by fans and the general public as 'disgusting' and 'abusive'.

It makes very little sense from an editorial POV to see a video that is so old being marketed and promoted as exclusive entertainment news. On top of that the publisher is going to get a huge amount of publicity around that video which will certainly give them bigger visibility at the expense of someone's pain.

This is a troubling example of journalistic exploitation which ultimately damages Jolie's image, causes suffering to her family, and does nothing for the public good.

It is not yet clear how the actress will respond, or whether the release of the video could face a legal challenge or defamation lawsuit. All I can say is, it doesn't need to exist.

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