Angelina Jolie banned from flying by the FAA

Angelina Jolie's plane is grounded

Angelina Jolie has been banned from flying her private plane after she failed to send over the correct paperwork in time to renew her registration.

The actress who owns a single engine Cirrus SR-22 plane was required by law to renew her registration for her plane. Jolie has been an avid flyer since acquiring a pilot's licence nearly a decade ago in 2004.

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According to Page Six, Jolie's plane flight recorder registered a journey in Montana during the month of October, which would have meant the aircraft had been flown without a valid 'air worthy' certificate.


Cirrus SR 22 plane

It is not clear whether Jolie was piloting the plane when the alleged FAA violation occurred, however registered documents expired on June 30th reports the NY Post.

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