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Angelina Jolie admits 'Maleficent' character was one of the hardest

Actress Angelina Jolie admitted this week that playing her role in 'Maleficent' was one of the hardest characters she's ever had to adapt.

Following the success of 'The Tourist', the actress has not played in a major on-screen role in over 4 years, but with Disney's huge $180 million epic, Jolie's career is once again back in the spotlight.

Disney released this interview with Jolie that shows how she captured the character and what Maleficent had meant to her as a child. Adapting both sides of her psyche was one of the biggest challenges in making her come across as authentic:


Jolie states:

"Maleficent is certainly one of the most difficult characters I’ve ever played because she represents all sides of what it is to be human, even though she is not. She was a very innocent youth with those kinds of qualities that you see in a lot of young people today where they’re very passionate about environmental causes or the world or politics. Then she gets beaten down by betrayal and becomes quite dark and loses her humanity completely and then has to find it again."

Will 'Maleficent' enchant audiences in the UK? The film has received generally positive reviews (over 6/10) on Rotten Tomatoes.

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