Can Andrew Garfield make The Amazing Spider-Man a success?

Andrew Garfield stars in the new reboot ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ but can he deliver a performance that will be welcomed by fans of the comics?

Released this week, the new trailer shows and edgy, darker looking movie with some notable changes in the style of direction, particularly the use of POV. There has been much intrigue over the casting of British/American actor Andrew Garfield, and it looks like the new Spider-Man movie could have a different approach to using CGI for telling the story.

Tobey Maguire leaves a legacy of 3 smash hit movies behind him and a worldwide fan base. Replacing him was always going to be difficult, and hitting the re-boot switch, is also never easy for production, no matter how good your script is. Maguire’s character, we could say, was a nerdy, quiet type, who was introverted but wanted to reach out and discover true love. Spider-Man for Maguire was a two-faced character struggling to find self-meaning with his extraordinary powers, his love for Mary Jane and huge responsibilities.

How will Andrew Garfield approach Spider-Man, and will he have a darker side to his resolve, a bit like Batman when he goes over the top? Somehow I don’t think we will see a Christian Bale tirade incorporated into Garfield’s character, but I am looking forward to his adaptation of the comic book hero.

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

“We all have secrets, the one’s we keep, and the one’s that are kept from us”

Columbia pictures will release the movie in 2012

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