Anderson Cooper highlights ‘3rd Eagle of The Apocalypse’ on show

William Tapley’s ‘Revelation Unraveled’ youtube series has become the latest victim on Anderson Cooper’s ‘The Ridiculist’.

The CNN anchor every week takes the most ‘ridiculous’ or absurd happenings in his view and analyses them in a light-hearted fashion. Fans of William Tapley won’t be too pleased with Cooper’s interpretation of his videos, but the CNN show host is not afraid of controversy or opinion.

‘The Ridiculist’ has shed light on the recent Apocalypse craze that took over the web as predictions that the world would end on May 21st turned out false. People had given their life savings to warn of the impending doom, but the prophecy failed to materialize itself.

Youtubers quickly took to the web to give their opinions on the so-called ‘rapture’, and social networks debated it for days.

Anderson Cooper’s ‘Ridiculist’ sheds light on some larger than life characters and happenings that mainstream media would otherwise not reveal. Does it do more harm than good or should we laugh along?

Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist

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