Anderson Cooper thinks cell phone lady is like ‘Fifth Circle of Hell’

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper dedicated much of his ‘Ridiculist’ show to the now infamous ‘cell phone lady’, who spoke non-stop for 16 hours on an Amtrak train.

The story has hit a tone in the media for being something we all share when traveling. Do you ever sit next to someone who speaks loud on their cell in a designated quiet area? I don’t know about you, but this makes me angry, and millions around the world feel this too. There is something about being forced to hear someone’s conversation to themselves (because they are talking into a cell) that feels so irritating.

HuffingtonPost reported that the majority of people reading the story were glad she was taken off the Amtrak train. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct.

Just to give you an idea of what could be achieved in 16 hours of non-stop cell phone babbling at high volume, I complied a list of fun entertaining things you can do:

What you can do in 16 hours

- Watch 10 Steven Seagal movies (if you can stand him) at full volume with one liners and explosions vibrating your home.
- Watch the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy and have a full 7 hours sleep afterwards
- Drive from London to Berlin with stops included
- Walk across the entire city of Paris twice and have a 3-course lunch and dinner
- Work a full 9-5pm shift and spend a second day at DisneyLand

Check out Anderson Cooper's list

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