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Analysis : Shia LaBeouf apology could damage film career

Shia LaBeouf angers media

Shia LaBeouf faces strong criticism that threatens his public image for what has been widely perceived as a false and excessive apology, after he hired a plane to sky-write his latest HowardCantour remark.

In fact, LaBeouf's latest apology, which cost considerable dollars and follows countless other creative tweet apologies toward Daniel Clowes has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After today, many media outlets have gone out of their way to highlight the lack of wanting to highlight this latest round of 'self-publicity'. Perhaps this is a time for the actor to remain silent before no one listens to him ever again. This latest round of bad media coverage could damage his film career moving forward if he becomes "that guy that has nothing true to say to the world."

CNN correspondent Alan Duke was highly critical of LaBeouf's latest 'theatre production', highlighting the successive tweets and various creative approaches the actor has taken since December. In conclusion, he writes :

"If LaBeouf is considering a sequel to his short but controversial film about an online film critic, perhaps he already has a script for a movie about an actor who finds his voice on Twitter."

USA Today highlighted some of LaBeouf's fake apology tweets with an opening headliner that tells it like it is:

"The actor's behavior is heading toward troll-dom, according to just about everyone."

Cinemablend gave LaBeouf the benefit of the doubt on his acting talent, but still found his latest antics to be a slippery slope towards failure

"..sadly, over the past few years, he’s started to become more known for his bullsh** than his actual craft. Maybe some day he’ll get his act together long enough to make the most of his talent."

At the end of the day, none of this has done anything constructive for LaBeouf, nor has it helped him shake his short film fiasco.

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