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Analysis: Michael Bay may have suffered a panic attack at the CES

Before people start to criticize Michael Bay and how he inexplicably walked off the stage at the CES, think about what went through his mind when his entire presentation messed up.

The revered director was helping Samsung promote the new UHD TV when he cut short his presentation while footage of his movie 'The Transformers' was being shown.

Bay's presence was a coup for Samsung, as he is arguably one of Hollywood's most prolific directors, but news of his so-called 'meltdown' has become the bigger story.

It is entirely possible that Bay panicked when he lost his pace with the prompter, and had to get out of there. The way he exited the stage didn't suggest he was pissed off (look at the video below, and see how his gesture was spontaneous and how he apologized).

In fact, what could have happened in those moments, was that as he was being guided by the Samsung rep, his mind was racing, trying to go back to what he was saying. That pressure he faced with a huge audience like that could have made him panic, which is something people call 'stage fright'.

It's really unfortunate that he had to walk off like that, but a lot of people in the entertainment industry suffer from stage fright, and it's not something to laugh at or attack as a meltdown.

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