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Analysis : Americans were tired of Piers Morgan lecturing them

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Over the past few years Piers Morgan has been at the forefront of debate on many issues in America thanks to his prime time show on CNN, however it's now coming to an end, with ratings having hit an all-time low.

Piers Morgan told the New York Times that it had been a very difficult moment and that the show would end next month.

Morgan was vocal a number of issues particularly that of gun control. Unfortunately, CNN audiences became less and less enthused about his views, over the months. At one point a petition was launched online to have him removed from the US. The show host found it funny and promoted it on his Twitter, but it backfired.

The problem was that Piers Morgan, a football loving Brit who would often talk about America's gun problems became tiresome. Even in our reporting of the show, we often saw critical comments about his character.

It's clear, Piers Morgan couldn't relate to the American people. The things he enjoyed like football were alien to his readers. His rants, his beefs were not appealing. He didn't connect with audiences on a personal level. Although he was able to stir controversy on his show, it didn't win the support of his followers on the long term. The core base eroded over-time and unfortunately his show is no longer viable in the competitive media landscape.

What will happen next? Will Piers Morgan decide to take time out from the media spotlight? Discussions at CNN are currently taking place to determine what kind of role he will play at the broadcaster in the future.

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