American Idol loses to Lost in 2010

Lost has overtaken American Idol to become the most searched TV show in America during 2010.

With the importance of online search dominating the entertainment industry, the power of a web audience shows a clear indication on how young people connect to top TV shows.

Despite the huge audiences on TV for both shows, fans in 2010  connected more online with Lost than Reality TV.

This is an early indiciation that Reality TV Shows are reaching saturation point and that audiences are now searching more for fiction driven content.

Lost vs American Idol

While Lost is a fictional series based on survivors of a crashed plane on a desert island, American Idol is a continuously evolving contest with new winners eeach season. However it was recently reported that even the album sales from American Idol winners had fallen in 2010 suggesting it has started to decline in popularity RobotCeleb

Top 10 TV show searches in 2010

1. lost

2. american idol

3. snl

4. family guy

5. the office

6. big brother

7. real housewives

8. star trek

9. 24

10. glee

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