Alec Baldwin's brother sues Kevin Costner

LOS ANGELES, USA - Kevin Costner won't be dancing with the Wolves this Christmas as Alec Baldwin's brother, Stephen Baldwin, sues him for losing out on a BP deal worth over $50 million.

The C list star who had bought a 10 percent stakehold in Costner's company that separates oil from water allegedly had no idea about BP's investment in the firm during the time of the oil disaster. Baldwin claims that the company never mentioned the contraption being sold to BP and was convinced to sell his shares so that Costner and co could profit from the undisclosed deal. -

Kevin Costner testifies before congress

At the height of the disaster, an unlikely hero came to the spotlight, and Costner testified in Washignton before the House Energy and Environment subcommittee. He was critical of BP but also for the industry as a whole that hadn't adequately provided a stop-gap measure for critical failures such as the Gulf Spill.

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