Alec Baldwin punches photographer in the street : Issues statement

Alec Baldwin fights photographers

Alec Baldwin has been caught on camera punching a photographer in the chin after he left New York's Marriage License Bureau.

The scuffle took place with Daily News photographer Marcus Santos and was caught on camera as the actor tried to push him out of the way. According to the report in NY Daily News, two other photographers witnessed the event. The actor was then photographed face to face as he tried to push the photographers away. There is no indication that they had been harassing him.

Baldwin has just released this statement on Twitter:

Alec Baldwin

Jefferson Siegel, who was also involved in the scuffle took pictures of the actor holding what looks like a mobile phone and his licence papers.

Alec Baldwin tried to take on American Airlines when he was thrown off a plane for refusing him to play with his mobile phone during take off. He subsequently took to Twitter, left it, and then returned. It wasn't his finest hour. Is this another stain on his record?

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