Alec Baldwin : From Charlie Sheen rants to Mayor?

Actor Alec Baldwin could be running for the Mayorship of New York city in 2013, according to his rep.

Baldwin, who has featured in many of Hollywood's most successful films and stars in 30 Rock has also delved into journalism, with a featured blog on the Huffingtonpost. At the height of Charlie Sheen's 'winning campaign' Baldwin dedicated one of his posts to the actor, to give him advice, and to encourage him to issue an apology to Chuck Lorre.

Now the actor, who is a strong democrat, and supported Obama's White House run, could be setting him self up for the race, as he has indicated he would leave the entertainment business in 2012.

Alec Baldwin also recently started his social media campaign by joining twitter. Some of his early debates include deep discussions with Piers Morgan. Deep, as in, 140 characters long, still, its the beginning of what could be more Baldwin politics.

Would you vote Baldwin if he was running for Mayor?

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