Advertising heading towards mini music videos?

Every video you watch online seems to have a pre-roll ad waiting to come on, and most of the time, it has a music video feel to it.

Take youtube's vast array of music videos, short films and blogger videos. If you start watching premium channels with unique content you will more than likely come across a pre-roll 15-30 ad. What is noteworthy is how advertisers like drink manufacturers are switching from narrative stories in their commercials to almost music video style sequences.

Music video consumption is on the rise, and audiences are more likely to stay glued to their screen if an ad has a catchy tune to it. Like the addictiveness of music videos, ads could also be getting bigger attention just because they have a great soundtrack.

Does this mean that music videos are converting traditional advertisers into music video lovers themselves? Are you more likely to watch an ad that has a catchy tune, as opposed to a guy talking for 30 seconds? You will probably choose the first option in most cases.

The popularity of music videos also makes advertising in that format more in tune with what viewers want to see. I myself have enjoyed several ads which had some great DJ mixing to them, with some cool non-dialogue montages.

If you want to sell a product, don't tell us what it does, show us, and make it fun. That's the best way to catch our attention.

Take this Behind the scenes look at Megan Fox's Armani Shoot. Sure, it wasn't a pre-roll ad on other videos but you can really dance to that tune, and hey, its marketing at its best.

Megan Fox Armani Behind The Scenes

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