Will the next generation of actors need to be trained for CGI?

As Transformers 3 makes its way to the top of the box office, and packs a 3D thrill ride for audiences, will it come to a point when the acting profession will be heavily geared towards working with CGI?

Although it is inconceivable to physically replace actors with special effects alone, more and more commercial Hollywood films like' X-Men' and 'Green Lantern' are turning to CGI characters and worlds.

For example, in the Harry Potter movies, a lot of the time, the actors are fighting invisible creatures in a green screen studio. This kind of acting can't be re-created in a theatre environment or even in an audition room. Sure, you can work on improvisations and pretend a creature is there, but how do you convey real emotions to something you can't see, whilst being directed on what appears in front of you? It's like being told how to feel for something that doesn't exist and convey the emotion physically.

With more 3D production taking place, and the falling costs of producing high quality visual effects, should actors be more open to working in a virtual environment, even on lower budget movies?

What do you think? Are you an actor that has worked in a green screen environment?

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