Actor claims he is JJ Abrams' lens flare in this 'documentary'

Ok so back in 2009 J.J. Abrams went a little overboard with the lens flares in 'Star Trek', and subsequently got some criticism but in 2014, one actor has proclaimed that it's not the whole story. (See video below)

Actor/comedian Luke Knezevic has taken the bold, and fairly pointless decision to unleash this un-serious yet hilarious short documentary that tells the full story behind the lens flare and why it was there.

This is just a glimpse of 'The Flare'

This is just a glimpse of 'The Flare'

As you will see in this video below, Knezevic AKA Lorenzo Flarius, shows people his true identity, and that he is in actual fact the flare itself, but there's more. Flarius digs deep into his past to explain the backstory of the flare and why J.J. Abrams was 'forced' to cast him in his movies. On top of that, this video also explains (somehow) why he is going to play such a big part in 'Star Wars 7'.

Please note there are lots of Star Trek references in this video mixed with obviously 'stolen' behind-the-scenes footage. Enjoy!

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