Actor Aaron Paul switches on your Xbox One

It's not every day that an actor speaking on TV in an advert will force people's consoles to turn on, but that's exactly what's happening this week.

Microsoft's new Xbox One ad featuring Aaron Paul makes a specific command that is recognised by the voice sensor on the Xbox One. During the ad, the actor says the words 'Xbox on'. Immediately it turns on people's Xbox One without their consent.

Users have started to complain that every time the advert plays on TV, their consoles turn on, and other things turn off on their TVs.

While Xbox One owners have the choice to turn off their Kinect sensor it doesn't solve the problem of the advert using command lines to disrupt their viewing.

The issue may be referred to the Advertising Standards Authority as the ad creates disturbances for viewers that go beyond the purpose of a standalone TV commercial.

Should Microsoft take out command lines for their ads?

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