Activists like Sean Penn and Matt Damon create Blockbuster Activism

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Sean Penn and George Clooney are just a few of the Hollywood stars that have turned their fame into Blockbuster Activism .

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan reminds us of how even the 3rd largest economy in the world can be devastated by nature. Activism becomes a key point in changing the situation on the ground by encouraging donations and getting people together to make a difference.

One such event was the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, which brought the entire industry together in the MTV Hope For Haiti Telethon . George Clooney took centre stage, by reaching out to high profile figures to support and encourage donations through the program.

Sean Penn took to the skies in the early days of the disaster's aftermath and started his work on the ground without hesitation.

Matt Damon has supported foundations such as the  One Campaign, and raised money for Darfur along with Clooney.

Blockbuster Activism is hard to achieve without big names, and huge publicity, put it is these people that bring a just cause more justice, by influencing others they can be part of it too. Through this kind of activism, millions of dollars can be raised to help people on a large scale.

The Japanese earthquake is another disaster that requires a global solution, and the entertainment industry is devising ways of bringing huge donations to practical use.

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