Online acting classes for adults

There are a host of online acting classes for adults you can take to improve performance, improvisation, technique, rhythm and more.

In the past year some of Hollywood’s biggest names have begun to offer online video acting lessons through structured programs where students can also get feedback for their work from the instructors themselves.

Dustin Hoffman started his own Masterclass course last year which has been tremendously popular.

Now you’re probably wondering whether taking this kind of online course to get into a good acting school or just to brush up on your skills is the right way to go. With Masterclass you get a money back guarantee even if you don’t like the course so there’s no risk in taking it, and all the videos can be saved and watched as many times as you want so there’s no time restriction or pressure to complete them by a certain deadline. You can also connect with other students and get feedback to your questions in the community area which is a great feature and one of the reasons why the Masterclass brand has grown so quickly in less than 12 months.

If you want a more comprehensive course tailored to specific situations like performing for camera or directing actors there are some great alternative video courses for adults on Udemyicon, which also have an awesome app you can download for free and sync all your courses to your phone for offline viewing later.

Even George Lucas has produced one of the actor classesicon from USC and that’s available online with over 90 lectures on casting, directing and acting technique.

Learn to act at home vs workshops & acting schools

Acting at home is a great way to build up your confidence and technique, whether you are just starting out or are already working professionally. Online education is changing rapidly and we’ve seen in the past year how popular and practical it is for actors to be able to learn at a time that suits them, and for a fraction of the cost. Acting programs can send you back thousands of dollars and you might not necessarily want to go in that direction after enrolling in them.

Learning acting from the point of view of a home study can be a way for you to try before you invest in a much longer program. You can then take these acting skills and apply for prestigious acting schools later on or give the auditioning process a go. If you feel like you’re ready but want additional training on auditionsicon, you can check out some of the recommended programs we have in our courses section or if you want to find out more about the auditioning process check out our interview with Reality TV casting expert Sarah Monson who gives you a breakdown of how the process works.

Good luck in your acting career and if you’re still looking for more about the film industry you can take a look at your tutorials section for free how to guides.

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