How to become a famous actor with no experience


How do you get into acting and become a famous movie star? If you’re a young ambitious individual with a keen determination to get into acting, you’re probably wondering how the famous actors get their chance at success.

Well, the most successful actors often start learning the craft from a young age. Whether you’re 12, 13 or even 30, it’s never too early (or late) to begin to practice the art of performance.

Famous actors make their mark over a number of years, often by making their impact on the stage in theatre productions, in TV series or in films that go on to get recognized at festivals.

In the past year famous actors themselves have decided to show people how they can get into the acting game. Dustin Hoffman launched his very own online acting class which gives young students the opportunity to learn some of his methods that he has used in all of his films. Hoffman’s MasterClass has proved incredibly popular given that it costs just $90 and includes over 5 hours of training material and video exercises on performance and auditioning.

Steve Martin even started his own comedy acting course.

Over the years we have studied the success of famous actors and even interviewed stars to find out their thoughts on acting and how others can make their mark. One of the most interesting conversations we had was around skills and how an actor can make their mark on the industry by bringing something different to the table such as a second language or accents.

But above all else, being a famous actor for the sake of attention is not really how it works. It takes determination and a passion for the arts to really get to the point where casting directors start to notice you. If you can really perfect the craft and establish powerful characters, then you’re already well on your way to success.

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