Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter - Best movie title of the year?

Abraham Lincoln and vampires in one movie

We have seen the trailers for Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter and we have been inundated with the Twlight part 2 previews but what makes this movie really stand isn’t its storyline.

Directed by Timur Bekmambetow, Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter is quite possibly this year’s most absurd movie title so far. Just putting the historical context of Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s great figures of history, and juxtaposing him with the backdrop of a vampire slasher / thriller movies is just brilliant.

The movie’s premise is even more absurd and borderlines on ‘Snakes on a Plane’. Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin walker) discovers that the United States is in danger from being taken over by vampires, and must united the country against them. Produced by Tim Burton, the film promises to be a visual splendor and an entertaining ride that puts history and fiction together. It’s a nice idea, and it will probably prove very entertaining for audiences.

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter trailer

What’s next? ‘The Vampire Presidential elections?’

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