ABC News wants YOU to report from the future USA

In an unprecedented television and internet event, ABC News is you asking you to help create a story that has yet to unfold. What will our world look like in one hundred years if we don't save our troubled planet?

This fall, in a dramatic 2-hour television special, the world s brightest minds will take us on a journey through the next century to reveal how the "perfect storm" of population growth, resource depletion and climate change could destabilize our world.

As part of the broadcast, we are launching a massive online event inviting creative minds across the globe to create short video reports that depict the future. Using predictions from top experts, we will feed detailed briefings from the years 2015, 2050, 2070 and 2100 and we re asking you to imagine your future world!

We will choose submissions to include in an evolving web-based story, and we will also select some of the most compelling videos to appear in our prime time ABC News special: Earth 2100, airing this fall.

This is a unique chance to join others around the world in shedding light on issues facing our future.

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