A look at Piers Morgan on CNN – Is he doing well?

When Piers Morgan took over from Larry King on CNN, critics and fans were quick to battle each other over whether he could deliver a prime time talk show with the same panache. Has Piers managed to achieve this or is it more of the same?

Earlier in the year, Piers interviewed the likes of Oprah Winfrey, The Kardashians, George Clooney and Maya Obama. All with different personalities, backgrounds and a story to tell.

Moving on, the Piers Morgan Tonight show has covered world crises like the Egyptian uprising, held interviews with world leaders, reported on the Royal Wedding, and given tribute to Oprah once more.

With a big diversity in guests, and relevant programming, Piers seems to have wounded critics in recent months, as he struggled initially to move slumped ratings. In fact, ratings earlier on in the year were so bad, that even his own high profile celebrity friends were mocking him on twitter with the ‘low approval’.

Piers also entered into a storm of controversy when he banned Madonna from his show, then added Keith Olbermann, and more recently, Hugh Grant to that list. With his ever-increasing blacklist, the show host has a flair to him that makes him stand out, whether you like him or not. Will the Piers Morgan ratings continue to rise and make the show a winner, or is it time to bring Larry King back from ‘the dead’? In truth, Piers has boosted his show by embracing the viral nature of the web on twitter. This perhaps, has helped him gain the upper edge, whilst he launches twitter battles with Manchester United footballer players.

What do you think of Piers Morgan?

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