A look at Lady Gaga's Little Monsters social network


Lady Gaga launches little monster website

The new Lady Gaga social network has just been released and fans have been signing up to the service through Facebook and Twitter.

Using the Desk.com platform, the social network allows people to like, post, share pictures and more. In addition, Gaga has created her own rulebook so that users understand what they can and cannot do.

Lady Gaga website : What's included


Discussion: Fans can leave discussion topics on the site and then respond to them through a Youtube style comment system. There are also like and dislike buttons attached to the feauture.

Topics can also include general tag words that allows you to classify the discussion in certain areas.


News: The news section allows people to create new headlines like you would have on Twitter. You can start a conversation and include images, videos and even web urls.


Monsters: This part of the social network is a list of Gaga fans already signed on to the platform, displaying their thumbnails and likes. You can then click on the thumbnails to get to profile subpages.


Profiles: These include a sidebar on the right with interests, statistics and websites that users can attach. On the top you have a space where you can become a fan of that user, or even send a direct message. Underneath you get a stream of the latest activity.


Events: The events section is dedicated to Lady Gaga's tour schedule and fans can join and purchase tickets.

Chat: On the right hand side chat area, you can enter different rooms where users are talking to each other through their profiles. There is also the option to create your own chat room.

Front page: The most popular and commented Lady Gaga posts are placed on the front page acting as a 'Popular content aggregator'.

My Gaga Conclusion

The Little Monsters social network is a fun, comprehensive tool that combines Twitter and Facebook integration. In addition it provides chatroom functionality along with that cool Pinterest look. I can't wait to see how this platform develops because it provides an enhanced social integration I haven't yet seen in the social space.

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