A few organic ways of increasing your exposure in the entertainment business


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Whether you are an actor trying to make it in the film industry, or are a new entrepreneur trying to make the greatest possible impression on a large number of prospective customers, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about ways to increase your exposure.

For many people, highly structured and forceful marketing approaches and techniques are difficult to come to terms with – and yet, it’s a necessary part of many different endeavours to figure out ways of appealing to a broad number of people.

Here are a handful of “organic” ways of increasing your exposure, and maybe breaking into a new industry, without having to go in for a by-the-numbers “hard sell” approach.

Explore different marketing techniques and approaches that genuinely interest and excite you

One powerful fact to remember, is that enthusiasm is contagious, and people – by and large – tend to be quite good at sensing whether or not others are behaving in a way that they find genuinely meaningful and interesting.

In order to naturally draw an enthusiastic reaction from others, explore different marketing techniques and approaches that you find genuinely interesting and maybe even exciting.

That might mean investigating a modern and streamlined approach to marketing such as QR code use, or it might mean creating a promotional video that you really enjoy the ambience of, and would respond well to, yourself, if you were viewing it from an “audience perspective.”

Always strive for authentic communication and connection, rather than simply strategic communication

As there are more and more marketing campaigns in operation today than at any other point in history, and as people are increasingly familiar with the leading tropes in marketing, it’s perhaps understandable that cynicism towards marketing is now also fairly common.

Simply put, people are often quite well versed in spotting forms of communication that are done “by the numbers,” and that rely on clichés, rather than representing something more authentic.

Whether you are captioning a social media post, are putting out a video, or are writing content for your website, always strive for authentic communication and connection, rather than simply looking for a “strategic approach.”

Firstly, this will almost certainly feel a lot more natural and intuitive to you, and secondly, it will likely have the effect of increasing your exposure in a meaningful way.

Make yourself a physical presence within your niche

Increasingly today, a lot of communication, marketing, and even businesses exist almost entirely online.

Nonetheless, though, it’s still the case that most businesses, fields, and areas of interest, will include a physical element – whether in the form of trade fairs, conferences, or any number of other things.

A great organic way of increasing your exposure, is to take steps to make yourself a physical presence within your niche, at the physical locations where people congregate. You can take this opportunity to get your name and face out there by handing out CVs and headshots if you’re interested in being in a camera-facing role. Use services like Cartridge Save to generate as many copies as you need and boost your chances of not just being seen, but being remembered.

As human beings, we all tend to remember those who we interact with face-to-face more than those who we interact with purely online, and setting up a stall or attending a networking event can be a very effective path to take.

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