The Academy Awards had its worse run since 2009

This year's Oscar ceremony had the lowest ratings since 2009, experiencing a disappointing 17% drop despite a huge lineup of celebs.

Viewership figures for last night's ceremony, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, averaged 34.6 million, while last year 43.7 million tuned in over the course of the evening.

Neil Patrick Harris didn't receive high marks for his often unfunny remarks and lack of good punch lines, but he was not the only one getting the blame. Sean Penn was widely criticized for his green card remark that some argued made the Oscars even 'whiter' while the build up to the big night had turned slightly negative with a lack of diversity being a big pre-show debate.

Despite this, there were some spectacular performances and speeches. Lady Gaga stole the show with her Sound of Music tribute while Common and John Legend walked away with an Oscar for 'Best Song' and gave a passionate speech, touching on important social issues that still remain largely unresolved.

With Travolta's face stroking and Chris Pine's crying, there was a good mixture of laughs and emotions during the ceremony but overall the show lacked the momentum it needed to outpace 2014's somewhat younger, more inclusive broadcast, with a more diverse selection of films.

Will the Oscars take the diversity issue to heart for next year's ceremony?

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