8 movie stars that 'can't operate a computer' but still succeed

Brad Pitt facepalm

You would think that without an internet connection it would be pretty impossible to remain relevant , let alone function in life, but for these 8 movie stars, somehow being online doesn't matter.

In fact, they are so good at being offline that there's a cult following of them just to make up for the gap, in hope that some day they will do a backflip spin and end up on Twitter or Facebook.

So who are these digitally introverted people?

Movie stars not online

  • 1. Brad Pitt
  • 2. George Clooney
  • 3. Jennifer Lawrence
  • 4. Johnny Depp
  • 5. Chris Hemsworth
  • 6. Bruce Willis
  • 7. Jennifer Aniston
  • 8. Kristen Stewart

This list of stars is just a small selection but it shows just how big names are not afraid to be offline. There are indeed many more out there who choose to not even get close to social media. The mere idea of a like or a tweet may even give them a small rash.

Whether the film industry will allow such social defiance in the years to come will be interesting to see. As VOD becomes the business model of content for films, it is unlikely that we will see stars not being 'forced' to join networks to build fan bases and promote.

Recently Robert Downey Jr made the effort to join Twitter while Shia LaBeouf somehow left. Who will be next to make the cultural shift?

film industry network members