7 scenes you'll never see in an action movie

Action movies are fun, dangerous, explosive and fast-paced, but sometimes important details are left out that are kind of, extremely important to the fabric of our society.

How can we possibly accept storylines without having answers to these questions? The top 10 action films at the box office this year have certainly incorporated a lot of high energy, but what about portraying the law?

Below are 7 of these important events that were somehow cut for the whole genre since the dawn of time...

1. Someone not dying

Can an action movie exist without an onscreen death? Has there ever been an action film where no characters died in the story? Is it even possible for an action movie to contain 'action elements' without having to harm the innocent civilians, bad guy posse, or various law enforcement/ military personnel?

2. Police officers/agents going to jail for killing bad guys

It seems odd that in some action movies bad guys are somehow brutally killed and yet no investigation is launched to see whether the hero was acting in line with his duties. How many times does Steven Seagal have to kill the bad guy and torture him to death? Should Arnie really be getting away with hijacking a harrier fighter plane in 'True Lies', firing on a skyscraper with innocent bystanders inside only to get the full support of his government agency, and the police force? Was it legal for Danny Glover to allow Mel Gibson to beat the crap out of Gary Busey's character in 'Lethal Weapon' with an audience of bystanders?

3. Citizens making formal complaints after their cars are stolen by police

How many times has our action hero stolen a bike, car or plane for that matter, and faced no criminal charges? Sure we always get the cliché police chief moaning about insurance costs "for the department" but no one is ever seen making complaints in front of our heroes, citing specifically what they did in the line of duty that was uncalled for and who was responsible. No one is taking notes here!

4. Action heroes going to the doctor for advice on injuries

Sometimes during the explosive plot characters get injured yet there is no scene where they call up the doctor, get themselves checked, think about the injuries or take care of themselves following professional medical advice.

5. Bad guys attempting to sue the hero rather than killing him/her

The bad guys always have to go after the good guys through violence. It's impossible for them to use lawyers or peaceful means that don't require some kind of physical contact. They can't afford it, but they can afford the guns somehow.

6. Insurance companies actually investigating window and property damage

How much property gets damaged in these movies and yet we never see a scene where an insurance company loses its cool, and sends someone to investigate damage, and speak with law enforcement about the nature of incidents?

7. Bad guys washing or checking their cars before a chase

The bad guys always have to have a spotless car before they make a chase. Never do we see them washing their cars before they head out, or attending to them for that matter, like, checking tyre pressure or other areas that could make the car more efficient.

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