7 emotions you expressed during the Youtube outage


Youtube means more to us than we thought

It gets over 1 billion visitors a day, and sure enough emotions run high when the world's biggest video platform goes offline..

We've shared so much content online that when Youtube suddenly disappears there's a huge void that can't be explained. What happened to all our great content that we made? What's going to happen to my short film, music video or personal rant about there being too many cat videos? Was that Jean Claude Van Damme splits video just a strange dream? Am I dreaming now?

These are some of the emotions people expressed during those 20 minutes:

Self-awareness, a tingling in the body

Overwhelming panic and fear

A sense of doom and no return

Amusement, but dependancy too

Lonely, a feeling of coldness.

Sarcastic amusement

Emotional breakdown. All emotions in one outburst

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