$60 million for Americon Idol's Ryan Seacrest

LOS ANGELES, USA - It was a good week for American Idol's host Ryan Seacrest, after signing a three year deal with Clear Channel for $60 million.

The TV and Radio personality has attained huge success with American audiences on American Idol, and his charm and good nature have earned him the big dollars as he becomes a competitor to Oprah. Although not a billion dollar scale quite yet, its clear that Seacrest is a media icon that rivals Simon Cowell.

Ryan's radio shows attain big audiences, on Clear Channel's popular top 40 station KIIS and WHTZ both serving Los Angeles and New York respectively.

Part of the deal will ensure that 'American Top 40' will continue to run, whilst a record label will be created which will involve him along with a new strategy of digital and on-air content for the company.

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol and future project

The success of American Idol propelled Seacrest to national fame in 2002 with co-host Brian Dunkleman. After just one year, Dunkleman left the show and Seacrest became the sole host. The public overwhelmingly supported his hosting abilities and the show's popularity grew to a weekly audience of over 25 million viewers.

At present Seacrest, having signed a new deal with Channel, is also working on a dance show with E! The host has been compared to Dick Clark, and America's 'morning voice' by the media.

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