6 things Brad Pitt could have thrown to Matthew McConaughey

By now you've probably seen Brad Pitt tossing a beer across the street to buddy Matthew McConaughey, but what you may not have considered is the hilarious alternatives presented to us in this video.

Brad Pitt gives Beer flight


So what could he have chosen to throw instead of a beer (assuming this was a publicity stunt, and for a higher purpose).

1. His beret

It would have been interesting to see how aero-dynamic his hat was and maybe the comedy value would have made New Orleans look like a friendlier city to visit.

2. A baseball

This would have shown how real his skills in 'Moneyball' were.

3. A paper Dove

The symbol of peace may have told the world that it's good to make friends with your neighbors.

4. Frisbee

Providing that he has a good field of vision, a frisbee could have then been thrown back by Matthew McConaughey, and a score count made as they went back and forth in turns.

5. A banana

Well you know eating is as good as drinking and also has a great nutritional value seeing as there is magnesium in there.

6. A fortune cookie slingshotted from his balcony

A secret message sent through the air could have left us guessing for days what Brad wanted to say to his pal. Maybe there is another Bromance there...

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