6 lessons Arnold Schwarzenegger taught us about digital marketing

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't just a world famous actor, athlete, politician and activist. He's also a smart digital marketer, and there are many lessons we can learn from looking at what Arnold does to excel in online marketing.

Below is a list of these marketing approaches that make him stand out, and more importantly make him more genuine. It's because of these techniques that Arnold can bring his brand to a whole new level.

1. Self parody is viral

Arnie isn't afraid to mock himself. In fact, he's built a huge following of fans in recent years from self-parody. You guys by now have seen his alter-ego Howard Kleiner…a fitness instructor who gives tips to people at the gym. The video has attained over 17 million views since January and was one of the biggest news stories of the year.

This self-parody is infectious and makes him more approachable..a win win, in the digital marketing handbook.

2. The one-on-one matters

Twitter has been a great asset in Arnold's digital marketing. Thanks to his one-on-one approach, he is able to get great engagement from his fans, connect to new audiences and promote anything he's doing. He also shares what other people think of him. The actor even promotes parodies created by his fans. That has enormous value in the digital marketing sense because it shows that he cares.

3. Focus on classic moments to get rapport on the 'product'

Going back to Youtube once more, Arnie has released numerous short, funny one-liners from his classic movies. Yes we know the lines, but when we see him doing it in an over-the-top way 20 years later, it's got a nice touch to it. The fans appreciate it, it's simple for him to do, and it also reminds us of the movies he's in. From a digital marketing POV this tells the fans that those products are out there, and they can be ordered. A great, genuine way to remind your 'customers' that they are in the conversation of the product. Sounds deep right? Moving on…

4. Blogging makes the issues more personal and authentic

The official Arnold Schwarzenegger blog is comprehensive, talks about the issues that are important to Arnold, and it is divided into clear sections. Having this outlet gives Arnie another tool to speak about the things that matter to him. He has also ensured that he highlights people doing great things in the community, and also has a forum for the fans to talk about success and commitment. That is a powerful add-on to support Arnie's personal brand.

5. Being positive works

It may sound obvious but being pro-active on positive things happening around you is a win-win when it comes to presenting yourself. As people like the feeling of a positive person they are more inclined to share, and discuss what Arnold is doing in that context. Again, another way to build the fan base.

6. Going the extra mile creates media opportunities

There is consistency in what Schwarzenegger does. He's not suddenly offline for 2 months and then re-appears. There is regular engagement on a variety of events in Arnie's life. Even for his latest movie, 'Sabotage', he's done a lot of tweeting, debating and promoting through social. He's done more than he needs to do, but because he's being so proactive it's winning him extra attention from the media, in turn, building up the discussions around his movies and activism. This can't hurt, and is again, another digital marketing add-on that makes him stand out.

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