50 Cent wants to be viewed as a serious actor

50 Cent s tremendous success over the past few years with Dr Dre s backing and his own personal blend of cool has a new destination: acting.

The rapper turned businessman has had his eyesight on acting for a while, and has featured in several films including hit Get Rich or Die Tryin . The film was panned by critics but despite that 50 has no fear to try again with several feature films in post production.

Speaking with MTV at Sundance, the rapper was determined to make an impact on the Hollywood scene and had a deep respect for Sidney Poitier.

While critics will find 50 Cent way off the acting ladder for the time being it isn t impossible for the rapper to go full steam into performing. After all, if one can succeed in the music business, why not acting? Eminem also made the feat successfully in 8 Mile , and was Ocar tipped for his role as B Rabbit.

If all else fails, 50 Cent is interested in comedy and has a deep admiration for the art. Let's give him respect.

50 Cent

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