You’ve got 24 hours to get your animated film into the Oscars

Literally, don’t think, just do it. We just got a heads up from the Academy Awards that filmmakers have just over 24 hours to submit the paperwork to get their feature animation film into the 2012 Oscars so by all means do it right now.

To qualify for the 84th Academy Awards, you need a mixture of sheer enthusiasm and dedication to get your materials in. Filmmakers must absolutely, without fail, send in their entry forms including all supporting materials by November 1st at 5PM PT (LA Time for those of you in Europe)

Film prints must be received by the 11th November. For all the rules regarding entries and what to do, check out the Oscar website right here. If you have issues regarding your entry, speak with Meredith Shea by phone at (310) 247-3000, ext. 1190, by fax at (310) 247-2600, or by e-mail at [email protected]. I am sure she is really friendly, so don’t fear the phone call. After all, what’s the price of a phone call if you get the chance for international recognition?

Now just a quick note on top. Nominations will be announced on January 24th 2012 at 5.30am PT. This means that those of you in New York will get the news first. Isn’t that a bonus?

Ok so, get it done, and I hope to hear about your Oscar entries. Best of luck to this years entrants.

The Academy Awards will take place Sunday, February 26, 2012

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