23 excuses we come up with when we fail

Failure is an important part of life. In fact, for anyone wanting to break into the film industry, let alone any other domain, it takes courage and resilience to get a start.

What we want to show you guys here is some of the excuses we come up with when we fail. When stuff doesn't work, there has to be a reason why. Of course, sometimes there are excellent reasons for failure, but other times, we only have to look at ourselves to see why things go wrong.

In the end, it doesn't matter. It's part of the learning process and if you find yourself stuck on failure check out some of the interviews we've got, see what people are saying, and see what their advice is. There's always room for improvement.

The 23 excuses for failing:

1. I don't have the money
2. The economy is bad
3. I'm not famous
4. No one listens to me anyway
5. I don't have what it takes
6. I've tried everything, and they keep rejecting me
7. My script isn't good enough
8. I'm a bad writer
9. I don't have the right contacts
10. I wasn't meant for this
11. No one reads my resumés
12. I can't find an investor
13. I've gone to loads of auditions and nothing, I just don't have it
14. People don't understand me
15. I don't have a lawyer
16. Only the elite can get in, it's a closed circle
17. I'm too tall
18. I'm too small
19. I'm too fat
20. I'm too skinny
21. My skin isn't good
22. I don't have a distributor
23. I don't have a mentor

If you're still feeling like there's a barrier out there, check out the film tutorial section or why not try applying for a few jobs? It might take a while, but the more you do, the better your chances are at getting a first-step towards your goal.

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