21st Century Fox, Weinstein Company beefing up security

Hollywood film studios are ramping up efforts to secure their networks following the brutal cyber attack against Sony Pictures that experts estimate could cost them $100 million.

The public backlash over the Sony leaks has intensified. High profile execs like Amy Pascal have apologized, while people have criticized the attitudes and the demeaning conversations held in private over company emails.

The damage is bad, and this week The Weinstein Company confirmed it was hiring outside security experts to beef up defenses. In addition, 21st Century Fox have admitted the hack has directly affected their operations and they are taking further measures.

Other film studios have not publicly disclosed details on their cyber security efforts but it is believed that major studios are taking drastic action following the Sony hack.

Production companies across the U.S. have also taken note and while the film industry is not alone in facing the cyber threat, the public humiliation for Sony has amplified the urgent need for reviews.

In published emails, big Hollywood names have also come up several times. Angelina Jolie, President Obama and David Fincher were some of the individuals that were commented on. Even George Clooney's personal correspondence with the studio was hacked and leaked, but in a twist, he had a gut feeling that his own emails would probably be news stories in the future. He was right.

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