20th Century Fox saved $1000 a day doing this

20th Century Fox saved over $1000 a day after taking radical action to reduce their energy consumption.

Highlighted in the MPAA's report for Earth Day, 20th Century Fox began to work with the U.S. Department of Energy back in 2010 to deploy new energy efficiency technologies to their office buildings.

Film stages and offices were cooled using new designs and improved construction materials under the Commercial Buildings Partnership program which resulted in a reduction of energy consumption of up to 2.6 million kWh every year.

20th Century Fox also installed a cloud connected irrigation system to monitor weather and adjust watering times. Grass lawns were also replaced with artificial turf saving an additional 500,000 gallons of water a year.

Paramount, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros and NBCUniversal also implemented energy efficiency drives to conserve water and power which can be studied in the full report.

It is estimated that over 19,000 tons of studio sets and solid waste avoided entering landfills last year alone following the combined efforts of all the major studios, which represented the highest ever diversion rate.

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